SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab - Tsunagaru Lab

March 2, 2023, 10:41 am

1. "SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab - Tsunagaru Lab -"

JICA India has launched the "SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab - Tsunagaru Lab -" as a place to connect Japanese companies that have the following needs with Social Enterprises in India.

  • Looking for promising start-ups with unique technology, products and services.
  • Looking for a local partner to deliver goods and services to the last one mile in India.
  • Looking for local partners to collect data and conduct research for R&D and Marketing purposes.
  • Looking for reliable local partner with a proven track record in relation to CSR activities in India.
  • Looking for information on the activities of social enterprises in India and good cases of new initiatives.

(1) What is Social Enterprise?
In India, there are many social enterprises working to solve social issues through innovative business models in various fields such as healthcare, education, agriculture, waste, and energy. The definition of a social enterprise varies, but it is a company that seeks to maximize its social impact while generating economic returns through sustainable business.

(2) Social Impact (Development Effects)
National and local governments, international organizations and NGOs have been the main actors in solving social issues in India. JICA India is now paying more attention to social enterprises as one of the new actors. We believe that significant social impact (development effects) can be created when social enterprises work with diverse actors to solve India's various challenges through innovative approaches.

In addition, the partnership between Japanese companies with unique technology and Indian social enterprises will enable them to approach the last one mile, which has not been easy to do so far, and will provide products and services that are appropriate for India, potentially creating a new business model.

(3) Establishment of the "SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab - Tsunagaru Lab -"
In light of this situation, JICA India has established the "SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab - Tsunagaru Lab -" to promote partnership between Japanese companies and Indian social enterprises. The platform will provide business matching support and information on related events for Indian social enterprises and for Japanese companies that are implementing or considering doing business in India.

2. Activities

  • To support business matching between Japanese companies and Indian social enterprises.
  • To organize various events related to business matching, impact investment, CSR activities.
  • To provide good cases of partnership between Japanese companies and Indian social enterprises, etc.

3. Lists of Social Enterprises in India and participating Japanese companies

As part of our efforts to provide information on Indian social enterprises and support business matching, we offer a list of the social enterprises in India (provided by Intellecap) and a list of Japanese companies participating in Tsunagaru Lab. If you have any questions about the list, please contact the Tsunagaru Lab team.

The lists are available on JICA India website: SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab - Tsunagaru Lab - | India | Countries & Regions | JICA

4. Event Information

Please see JICA India website for event updates: SDGs Business Co-Creation Lab - Tsunagaru Lab - | India | Countries & Regions | JICA

5. Useful Links

(1) Organizations

  • Aavishkaar http://www.aavishkaarcapital.in/ 
  • Intellecap https://www.intellecap.com/
  • ARUN http://www.arunllc.jp/

(2) Reports

  • Matsumoto, K. (Dec 2018) JICA Research Institute Working Paper ‘Critical Factors for Success among Social Enterprises in India' https://www.jica.go.jp/india/office/others/ku57pq00003tsps1-att/report_01.pdf
  • JICA India Office/ Intellecap (July 2019) ‘Comparative Assessment of Impact Potential of Social Enterprise and Government Delivery Models in India' https://www.jica.go.jp/india/office/others/ku57pq00003tsps1-att/report_02.pdf

6. Registration

We welcome the participation of Indian social enterprises and Japanese corporates who are willing to join Tsunagaru Lab. Please email Tsunagaru Lab team for further details.

7. Contact

For inquiries, please contact JICA India office Tsunagaru Lab Team

E-mail address:  [email protected]